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GHG Actions: Nurturing the Dreams of a Forester

Development and business are often perceived as adversaries to environmental conservation and climate mitigation. Traditionally, development has meant sacrificing environmental integrity to advance society, while business has typically focused on maximizing profits without serious regard to impact. Over the past century, this paradigm has contributed to rising global temperatures and increasingly frequent natural disasters worldwide.

Agus Salim, the founder of GHG Actions, questions this conventional dichotomy. As a seasoned professional with decades of experience in forestry and conservation, he comprehends the complexities of forest ecosystems and recognizes the urgency of environmental preservation. Salim also acknowledges that while business and development must continue to grow, they need to align with environmental stewardship.

Supported by his expertise as a geomatics specialist and with the ambitious mind of a forester with grand aspirations, Salim founded PT Aksi Mitigasi Iklim (GHG Actions), a company steadfast in its commitment to be a key player in climate mitigation, particularly within the forestry and other land use sectors. These aspirations stem not only from personal dreams but also from a compelling drive to actively participate in preserving our planet through innovation and tangible actions.

GHG Actions is dedicated to the mitigation of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the forestry and other land use sectors. In the face of climate change, these sectors are pivotal due to their significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Through a holistic approach, the company is pioneering nature climate solutions (NCS), integrating finance with biodiversity conservation, and fostering innovations that contribute to sustainable business growth. The company aims to usher in a new era where businesses not only generate profits but also factor in their carbon emissions and environmental impacts into the cost of doing business.

Salim also realizes that tackling climate change is not just a task confined to a 10-year timeframe. He understands the imperative of redirecting the attention of the next generation towards forestry and climate change mitigation, aiming to nurture them as leaders of the NCS industry.

That is why GHG Actions is not just another NCS company, it is a platform for Indonesian youth to learn and contribute to the nation’s climate mitigation efforts, as well as to inspire the younger generation to take pride in contributing to forest and environmental preservation.

“Through comprehensive training programs, GHG Actions empowers its employees, providing a conducive environment for personal and professional growth. Internally, we envision building the next generation of leaders to shape the future of sustainable development in Indonesia,” says Salim.

Stepping into a promising year of 2024, the start-up company based in Sanur, Bali,

embraces the challenge of being a pioneer, striving to prove that lofty dreams and steadfast hopes can become a reality. Salim and his team are looking forward to walking further into the jungle of possibilities and a better future.

“The company is sowing the seeds of a sustainable future, where the commitment to climate action sprouts from the passion and dedication of those who dare to dream big,” the forester closes.

GHG Actions
GHG Actions
We are a dynamic team of sustainability-driven young professionals who are passionate about creating innovative solutions. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to drive meaningful change in the fight against climate crisis.

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